Atoboy / Junghyun & Ellia Park

    Soil Baker + Ato Plates: 4 Black and White Ceramic Plates

    These one-off Korean ceramic plates were created as part of a collaboration between Atonae in New York and the artisan ceramic team at Soilbaker in Seoul.   Finished in eye-popping white and deep black, the...

    Korean Soy Sauce: Kisoondo Ganjang from Atonae

    This Korean soy sauce is the real deal. It is aged for 1-4 years and is produced using methods, techniques, traditions and secrets that have been honed and passed down the Ki...

    Korean Light Soy Sauce: Kisoondo Cheongjang from Atonae

    Cheongjang has the same three ingredients as the traditional Korean soy sauce, ganjang: soybeans, water and roasted bamboo salt.  However, this variety is aged under a year. It has a visible...

    Atonae Holy Portal Cream T-Shirt: 100% Cotton

    Holy End Portal' T-Shirt. This 100% cotton, limited edition design from the creative team at Atonae in New York is made using super soft and breathable fabric. This is the perfect tee for...

    Atonae Black T-Shirt: 100% Cotton

    Bearing the logo of Atonae - the new brand by Junghyun and Ellia Park from the Atoboy and Atomix restaurants in New York. They are famous for bringing contemporary Korean fine-dining to New...

    Atonae x IISE Hat

    This six-panel cap is designed in collaboration with Atonae NYC and the Korean streetwear designers IISE: one of the hottest fashion labels in Korea at the moment.  IISE is known for using...

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