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Chef Oscar Lorenzzi has lived and cooked in New York for more than ten years, cooking at some of the city's most beloved restaurants. 

This makes him the perfect chef to offer up this exclusive online cooking class on how to cook upscale American classics. This is a delicious journey through the history of classic Stateside food: mac 'n' cheese, pancakes, waffles, and fried chicken that comes with its very own secret technique for perfectly crispy skin. 

The virtual cooking class will be matched to your skill level, with courses tailored to match all levels, expert chefs, and home cooks alike.  

You will connect directly with the chef online through video chat and he will be available before the course to discuss your cooking skill level, check equipment, and provide an ingredient and prep list.

Online Cooking Course: Master American Classic with Oscar Lorenzzi 

Online Cooking Class Instructor Chef Oscar Lorenzzi
Chef Lorenzzi has cooked for some of New York's biggest celebrities, VIPs, and food aficionados. His stint in charge of the kitchen at The Waverly Inn, one of the foremost American restaurants in New York, makes him the perfect candidate to teach Upscale American Classics in these online classes.  

Get ready to learn how to cook side-by-side with chef Lorenzzi as he shares years of cooking experience through the screen with you. He has mastered American classics and cooked thousands of plates of the best mac 'n' cheese New York has to offer. 

These videos are not pre-recorded cooking videos, they are live and personal. Think of it as having your very own online cooking school in your very own kitchen. 

You can also book Oscar Lorenzzi for a private cooking class to cook whatever you want to learn and you can visit his community page to see all the chef's REstore products.


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