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Online Cooking Class with Zineb Hattab

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Book an online cooking class with chef Zineb Hattab: a personal virtual cooking course to learn anything you'd like, from the comfort of your own home with one of the world's best chefs.

The personalized class will see you connect directly with the chef online through video chat. She will be available before the online course to discuss what you would like to learn, your skill level, equipment check and to provide an ingredient list before the class.

Get ready to improve your knife skills, cooking techniques, how to pick the right ingredients, how to know when things are perfectly cooked and all the other factors required to improve your cooking skills with one of the world's top chefs as your personal guide.

The class will be matched to your skill level and whatever you want to learn such as how to make plant based tapas, plant based restaurant desserts, North African flat breads & vegan ice creams

Online Cooking Class with Zineb Hattab

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Zineb Hattab grew up surrounded by Moroccan rituals, Catalan traditions and Mediterranean markets. It was no surprise when she decided to leave behind a successful career as an engineer to become a cook. She has since focused on pursuing excellence in restaurants that go beyond technique shaping her cuisine as an extension of her identity. She travelled to the Basque Country to learn about minimalism and extraction of flavour at the Guggenheim Museum with Josean Alija from Nerua. After she moved to Modena, attracted by Massimo Bottura's sensitivity towards the Arts.

At El Celler de Can Roca, the three brothers had a great impact on her vision of a team as a key element for success. After those experiences, she was ready to settle at the awarded Schloss Schauenstein where she became Andreas Caminada's mentee and right hand. Three years in Switzerland made of her a very meticulous and precise chef with an unapologetic creativity.

In 2017, inspired by Dan Barber's vision of food as a whole system she decided to move to New York and work at Blue Hill. Looking for a new cuisine she led the team at acclaimed Cosme, where the discovery of Mexican food had a great impact in her cooking.

Persistent in evolution and pushing ahead Zineb opened Restaurant KLE in the heart of Zurich. At KLE she works with local producers emphasising the importance of seasonality and her menus happen to be plant based.

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