Mario Castrellon

    Café Unido's Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce

    Señor Lechuga a small-batch hot sauce that was born in Brooklyn but far too hot to stay in NYC. Full of Carolina Reaper and habanero peppers, it carefully toes the...

    Café Unido Coffee & Hot Sauce Pack

    A unique selection made by REstore community member Mario Castrellon from the Café Unido in Panama - home to some of the world's best roasters and leading experts on coffee.  The pack...

    Carmen Estate Geisha Coffee: The World's Best Bean

    Panama’s Carmen Estate is home to not only the best coffee in the country, but some of the most incredible beans in the world. Known for its unique terroir —...

    Harpia Espresso Blend Coffee from Cafe Unido

    Named after Panama’s national bird, the harpy is the strongest, biggest, and most elegant eagle in the world. Just like the Harpía, this unique espresso blend coffee from the expert...

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